Breweries:  Smart Bottle Caps Keep Beer Fresh

Breweries: Smart Bottle Caps Keep Beer Fresh

American breweries are increasingly using a new technology to keep beer fresh:  Smart bottle caps.

European breweries originally discovered that incorporating active oxygen reducing materials into beer packaging extended shelf life and maintained freshness.  The result was better tasting beer leading to a positive consumer experience.  North American breweries soon began to incorporate this active packaging technology into their bottle caps.

In Canada, Labatts Brewing Company announced the Glacier Seal Cap in 2010.  Testing determined that the oxygen absorbing liner inside the cap reduced dissolved oxygen levels to 5 parts ber billion (PPB) vs 55 PPB for standard bottle caps.  Significant flavor differences were noted during taste tests.

In the United States, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company conducted their own testing on advanced bottle caps with similar results.  The brewery noted oxygen reducing performance that was 10 times more effective than standard bottle caps.  The flavors and aromas of the beer maintained its originality best by incorporating the new technology into their packaging.

The Sello Wine Preservation System incorporates this same active packaging technology into its innovative wine preserver.  Sello test results agree with the testing conducted by breweries.  The active packaging design delivers oxygen levels below those attainable by alternative methods.  The original flavors and aromas are maintained, just as the winemaker intended.

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