Spring: Time to Go Outdoors-What glass to use?

Spring: Time to Go Outdoors-What glass to use?

It is spring and finally beginning to feel enjoyable outside!  "Tis" the season to gather with friends and enjoy a glass of wine out on the patio.  The question is whether to use the expensive 'glass' wine glass or the durable plastic BPA free wine glasses that will alleviate the stress? 

There is an extensive supply of plastic wine glasses that are very affordable and unbreakable so they will last a long time.  Most 'plastic' glasses made today are crafted in BPA free Tritan plastic and they match in size, feel and style to quality glass wine stems of wine glass brands such as Reidel.  Many brands of plastic stemware present your favorite wine varieties at their best; with elegant tapered stems, and bowls shaped to enhance aroma and flavor. 

Top brands:

LeadingWare Group

  • unbreakable Tritan plastic BPA-free plastic glasses
  • available in chablis, chardonnay, cabernet, merlot and pinot noir
  • dishwasher-safe (that means up to about 140-150 degree-F wash temps)
  • has been commercially used in hotels and restaurants
  • find at leadingware.us for their catalog or on amazon


  • flexible and shatterproof, BPA and BPS free polymer
  • thumb-notch and contured bas, provides secure grip
  • has been commercially used in hotels and restaurants
  • made in USA
  • find at www.govinowine.com 


  • unbreakable Tritan plastic
  • one of the heavier weight glasses 
  • thicker wall and stem, more artesian feel  
  • brillance of glass
  • find at www.taza.com


So if you are looking for unbreakable wine glasses for the season, there are plenty out there in every color and shape!  Just shop around and find the right style for you.  Cheers!


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