What is Sello?

Sello is an innovative wine preservation system that utilizes active packaging technology to keep wine tasting great. Cartridges are constantly working to absorb oxygen and excess moisture within the bottle of wine being preserved. This method is highly effective in maintaining the original flavors and aromas of wine.

How long will Sello preserve wine?

The Sello Wine Preservation system is effective for up to 7 days when used as directed.

How long do cartridges last once opened?

Sello cartridges are designed for single 750 ml bottle use and should be discarded when the bottle is finished

Why should I store my wine in the refrigerator while being preserved?

Refrigerators are great at reducing temperature and light. Exposure to either in higher levels will spoil wine regardless of the method of preservation. Winemakers store wine in cold and dark caves during the production process for this reason. Lower temperatures also slow oxidation. Sello cartridges have more time to eliminate oxygen when wine is stored in the refrigerator as a result.

What is Sello made of?

Sello is made of durable ABS, silicon, and polypropylene. Device components are food grade by FDA standards. Sello cartridges contain all natural elements sourced directly from the Earth. These elements are found in nourishing foods such as beans, spinach, oats, and whole wheat. Cartridge components are food and pharmaceutical grade by FDA standards.

How do I care for Sello?

Sello parts should be rinsed with dish soap and water after use.

Is Sello patented?

Sello is patented in the United States with US Patent No 9,944,442 and No 9,938,057. Sello is patent pending in international markets. Sello is a registered trademark of Sello LLC.

Where is Sello manufactured?

Sello devices and cartridges are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Has Sello been tested?

The oxygen reducing performance of Sello was tested against competing products using a professional grade Mocon Pac Check 200 oxygen analyzer. Results are displayed below. Lower levels indicate better performance.

Is there a warranty on Sello?

The Sello device carries a full 1 year warranty. We will replace the device during this period if it malfunctions during normal use.