Preserves Taste

The Sello Wine Preservation System keeps wine tasting great by reducing oxygen, moisture, temperature, and light. These are the same factors that eventually cause spoilage in all foods and beverages. It is the method of reduction that makes the device so innovative. Sello is a wine preserver and dripless wine pourer in one sleek design.  Sello offers many advantages to competing products.

Made from Nature

Sello cartridges use natural elements from the Earth to reduce both oxygen and moisture in a continuous manner. It is the active packaging design that makes the product unique. Wine maintains its original taste and aroma the longest by this mechanism of control. Sello is the best wine saver available to maintain the characteristics of wine infused into grapes from the Earth. 


Maintains Originality

Sello regulates oxygen and moisture levels inside the wine bottle to maintain its essence. The wine is then placed in any ordinary household refrigerator to govern temperature and light. This system effectively manages all aspects that influence the original personality of a wine. The Sello Wine Preserver effectively maintains the original tastes and aromas of wine as intended by the winemaker.

Powered by Innovation

We had an idea:  Take the most effective technology in food and beverage preservation and use it to preserve wine.  We tested the theory and it worked.  Food and beverage manufacturers across America commonly use active packaging techniques to maintain product integrity. It is patented technology that has been proven to outperform other forms of preservation. Sello is a smart wine saver designed to bring the benefits of active wine preservation to your home.